How do I pay?

While I accept diamonds, flowers, wine, chocolates, Lululemon gear, holidays and various other items as tips or just cause you love me, I prefer cold hard cash for classes! I do not have credit card facilities at sessions, so you can either pay cash on the day, buy a pass online  or arrange an online bank transfer to my account (details given upon request).

Is there a sign up or booking fee?

Cost per class is $15, no more, no less. There are no hidden fees to sign up or book, or to cancel. If you want to save yourself some money buy a 10 class for $140 (which is $14 per class for the mathematically challenged) or $240 for a 20 class pass ($12 per class) or a monthly unlimited pass for $160.

Do I have to book?

No need to book in, I like surprises! So when you feel motivated and ready to start feeling the benefits of regular exercise, please turn up. For your first time, please come 5 minutes early so we can have a chat about your health and goals and check that you are wearing deodorant! For those who are not natural early risers, we will also check that your shirt is on the right way, as you wouldn’t believe how many of us rock up with our shirt inside out or on back to front!

I’m confused The Fitness Booth vs Amber Tree Yoga?

Basically, business was expanding and I couldn’t keep up with it, so in 2013 I split the business into two parts. I still run and own and am incredibly proud and dedicated to The Fitness Booth – bootcamp, personal training, boxing, corporate and in home training. Nothing has changed, I was, still am and always will be The Fitness Booth! It is outdoor and mobile fitness training (with the benefit of optional indoor or back deck workouts)

I’m still offering yoga and pilates in the area, but have expanded and united with Marissa and Bec to form Amber Tree Yoga which now takes over the inside studio space. I still teach yoga and pilates matwork, but can now offer more yoga classes, including pregnancy and mums and bubs and introduce you to two amazing instructors in Riss and Bec. This is also the base for our urban retreats (monthly yoga workshops) and you can see for more details

Bottom line, more goodness on offer!

Can I bring my friend-mother-son-brother-wife-grandfather-next door neighbour-dog walker-cleaner?

PLEASE! I am running a business and love meeting new people, so bring anyone along that you can. Just make sure the “newbies” arrive 5 minutes early to their first session so we can have a chat.

Where are classes held?

The Fitness Booth operates out the front of the Pamphlett Seascout Hall on Graceville Avenue. We meet here for all classes, though we may train inside at Amber Tree Yoga or on the back deck if the weather fails to co-operate.

How do I get there?

Walk, run, drive, fly – I don’t mind – just do yourself a favour and get there. Check out the map for directions.

Where do I park?

There are a few options for parking, so take your pick. Best parking is across the road at the Souths Graceville Rugby club and then walk across the road and through the park. You can also enter the Simpson’s Playground car park on Nadine Avenue and park there, or follow the path down to the Seascout Hall, and park behind the building.

How many people in each class?

I prefer to keep class size small (my accountant isn’t too happy about that) as it allows me to make sure the workout is tailored to your individual needs. Nobody likes being lost in the crowd and feeling unsure whether they are doing it right or not. Classes vary between 1 and 15 people, depending on the day, weather and how guilty everyone is feeling. If you have injuries and know you struggle with lunges or push ups, or can’t/don’t like running, please don’t let that stop you from exercising all together. I can and will offer you options and alternatives to suit your body and fitness level.

Are you one of these crazy mean “Commando” style trainers who will make me cry?

No, I am not! I believe you can motivate people without yelling at them and that you do not need to throw up in order to get results. I am all about healthy, achievable and maintainable results. I can’t promise that I will never yell, but it won’t ever be directed at you personally or used to embarrass you. Sometimes I just get really excited and feel the need to tell everyone how proud I am of you, or to wake you up!

Do I have to train everyday and only eat lettuce leaves to get results?

No! It is all about achievable and maintainable results. If you want to lose 10 kilos a week, then go on the Biggest Looser. I believe in achieving lifelong results, rather than quick fixes. Everything in moderation – so yes you will need to put the effort into training and make healthy informed eating choices, but you don’t need to be extreme. I am an ex- wine rep, and I love my food (the 2 topics usually come up at least once in every session) so I don’t expect you to give up things I’m not willing to. However, we will have words if you are drinking a bottle a night and eating your way around Brisbane.

I have never done this before, is it suitable?

At The Fitness Booth we love “newbies”. We are all very nice people (with the exception of 6am starts in winter) and like to take care of our first timers and encourage you to stick with it. You will very quickly feel like one of the experts and be looking after a “newbie” yourself.

What do I need to bring?

Water, a towel and money to pay me! Feel free to also bring me gifts, I can give you a list of my preferred pressies! We have gloves at the studio for boxing, but are welcome to bring your own gloves to boxing classes if you prefer.

Are classes on if it rains?

You wish you could get out of it that easy! We have access to an indoor studio and a large undercover deck overlooking the river, so YES classes will be on if it rains. YES classes will be on if it is windy. YES classes will be on if it is hot. YES classes will be on in winter. Toughen up and stop making excuses! In the event of extreme weather events, where mother nature shows her inner bitch, check the website, Facebook page or Twitter for classes changes or cancellations, or call/text me on 0466 579 708.

If I am really unmotivated will you come to my house and train me?

I am happy to come to your place, your work or a local park. I will even call you to make sure you get out of bed if that is what you need.

Do you have childminding or dog minding?

No, BUT, Amber Tree Yoga offers Mums and Bubs Yoga, where kids are all part of the fun. See for details.

If doing personal training, and you have no one to give you an hour off, I am happy for you to bring your kids along. We just lock the door so they can’t escape. As long as your precious ones cant jump the railing on the back deck or pick locks, they can run around and entertain themselves in the studio and on the back deck.

If you do group classes, your kids are a little older, can entertain themselves and not get in the way too much, give me a call. However, I cannot and will not guarantee that your kids won’t point and laugh at you while you are exercising.

Can’t leave your dog at home, then bring a lead and we can tie them up at the front door and they can watch you have fun!

Or book in PT sessions and I will come to your home and train your whole family. I think healthy habits start when you are young, so am extremely passionate about you being a great role model for your kids and love training or doing yoga with big and little kids.

I’ve never enjoyed exercise, will I enjoy it?

There are very few people that actually love exercise, but you will enjoy the post workout feeling and the benefits of exercise. I can’t guarantee that you will love doing burpees at 6am, but we do try to make it as enjoyable as possible. We love to chat and gossip and distract ourselves as much as possible, so you will find it more enjoyable than doing it alone. I usually make a fool of myself once or twice, so you’re more than likely to have a few laughs! The first few weeks are the hardest, but when you get into a routine, trust me, you will be sad when you miss a session.

I am away from work, the kids are sick, my goldfish died and I have a runny nose, so I can’t make a session, what do I do?

I have heard loads of excuses, so unless you are extremely creative don’t bother boring me with them, I really don’t care if the dog ate your homework! You pay per session or we mark off a session from your card when you turn up. So if you don’t turn up, you don’t pay. But if you don’t turn up, you don’t get results!

So stop turning your life into a pack of excuses, they get you no where good. If you can’t make your regular morning session, come along to an evening yoga session instead. Busy during the week at work, come on a Saturday morning. It’s not rocket science!

Do you do corporate training?

YES! If you want me to come in and make your boss do push ups, and let you run rings around them , I am more than happy to oblige! Keeping your staff fit and healthy has great benefits, including increased productivity and staff retention and reduced absenteeism. Please contact me to discuss further. I have done sessions at schools for teachers after school, and for mums after drop offs. I do classes in a range of companies across Brisbane, so whether you are a florist, a builder, an undertaker or candle stick maker, give me a call.

You used to offer pilates and yoga, what happened?

I still do it’s just under a different brand. Pilates and yoga is still taught by me, same place, but just under the name Amber Tree Yoga. Due to expansion, I have rebranded with good friends and amazing instructors Riss and Bec to offer loads more classes. See for more details and class times.

How do I find out more information?

If I have failed to answer all your questions, or you are prince charming and want to ask me to marry you, please feel free to get in touch. If you speak English you can call or text me on 0466 579 708 or go to the contact page and email me. If you don’t speak English I can count, order food and swear in numerous languages so we will see how I go answering your queries.

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