So we all know that a happy, healthy workplace, benefits both employees and organisations.

As a CEO, shareholder or HR manager, looking after your number 1 asset should be your number 1 priority!

Studies show that healthy, fit employees are

  • More productive
  • Take less sick leave
  • Reduced stress levels
  • More loyal resulting in less staff turnover
  • Better concentration
  • More motivated
  • Increased job satisfaction

In simple terms


But just how much does employee health save your company?

The average cost when someone leaves a company is $30-40K (based on a $60K salary)

Average cost when an employee takes a day off sick is $100-300 (salary range $35-110K)

In you industry – how much does emplyee turnover and absenteeism cost you?

The table below is based on a company size of 50 employees, showing the average salary, annual percentage of staff turnover and absenteeism costs based on 5 sick days per person per year.

Can your company afford to waste $40K+ per year on absenteeism?

Can your company afford to throw away $315K+ per year on staff turnover?

If you want to save some of this wasted money, contact The Fitness Booth for a quote on a corporate wellness program NOW!

Programs are designed to suit your workplace, including yoga, pilates, bootcamp, running clubs, boxing, stretch and relaxation, team building, diet seminars, nutritional consults, cooking workshops and posture analysis.

Corporate training sessions start at $100 per hour.

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