06 Mar Sweat and sparkle

Move. Groove. Jump. Stretch. Splash. Walk. Crawl. Run. Ride. Climb. Lift. Swing. Bend. Push. Pull.sweat

I don’t care what you do or where you do it, but just do it!

Move each day to the point of sweating. You don’t have to call it exercise. You don’t have to wear the latest most fashionable clothing and you don’t have to post a picture of you doing it on Facebook. But for the sake of good health and happiness, make room for it each and every day!

Personally, I don’t sweat, I leak liquid awesome! And you should too! The satisfaction you get, knowing you have survived a challenge and proven to yourself that you are stronger than you think, is so satisfying. Do that regularly, and that same feeling will happen in life. You will feel stronger in all situations, not just the physical ones and you will suprise yourself how much tougher you are in all areas of your life.

Sweat is your fat crying and that alone, is enough to motivate you to keep going. Visceral fat (the fat that surrounds your organs) is one of the major contributers to heart disease, arteriosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and cholesterol and has also been linked to Alzheimers, breast cancer, liver disease, stroke and gall bladder conditions. I would prefer to have my fat crying daily, then have real tears and troubles developing one of these conditions, wouldn’t you?

Sweat is magic, so cover yourself in it daily to grant your wishes. People who exercise, feel good about themselves. People who feel good about themselves, see more positive in the world. Positive people, attract positive outcomes. Positive outcomes are magic. Magic makes dreams come true! The benefits of regular exercise are so much more than just the physical. Start exercising regularly and record your sleep and mood in a diary each day and watch what happens.

No one has ever drowned in sweat. The silliest thing I was ever told, is that girls don’t sweat, they perspire. I live in Queensland and let me tell you – I sweat. I sweat a lot. Sometimes all I need to do is get out of bed and I start sweating! But even in the height of summer, high humidity and an intense exercise session, I have never drowned once in my sweat! As a general guide, if your sweat is clear, odourless and tasteless, it is a good sign that you are well hydrated. If your sweat is very salty and concentrated, you may need more water intake.

More sweat now, less jiggle later! Let’s face it putting in a bit of effort now, prevents problems and the call for big effort later. I strongly believe that exercise is about so much more than how you look, but be honest – we all prefer less jiggle!

When in doubt sweat it out! Exercise is one of the best stress relievers around. Next time you are feeling stressed about something, I dare you to move, get sweaty and reassess your stress level post workout. Challenging yourself on a physical level puts things into perspective. Elevated heart rate, increased breath rate and higher body temperature are all real and measurable, they are fact. Often the things we are stressing about are not, but rather interpretations and imaginative stories of what we perceive is happening or may happen. Felling stressed – go sweat!

Sweat or regret – it is your choice! We all know that prevention is better than cure and this is no truer when it comes to health and fitness. A small amount of effort each day now is much easier than a lot of effort later. Which do you choose – sweat or regret?

Sweat more, bitch less! Talk is cheap, sweat is sweet. Less thinking about it, stop making excuses and avoiding it. Just get out and do it. In most cases if you simply got up and did it, you would be finished quicker than the time you usually spend thinking about not working out. My advice, work out in the morning, before your brain wakes up and you work out what you are doing. The later you leave it in your day, the more time there is to get distracted, make excuses and talk yourself out of it. An hour is just 4% of your day, surely you can find the time. Start with 15 minutes a day and build up.

Get outside and go for a walk. Grab the kids and go for a bike ride. Kick the footy around the park. Splash around in the pool. Throw some weights around. Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. Turn up your favourite tunes and dance around. Say hi to your yoga mat and stretch your way to sweat. Climb a mountain with some friends. Your options are endless, get imaginative.

So I ask you, did you get your sweat on today?

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